Trading Module

This is a tool intended for backers and layers to set your own profit margins for trading on Betfair Exchange (other exchanges are available 😉 ) , using your own assessment of odds, a trusted tissue forecast, or our pre-loaded odds assessments. Minimum odds for Backing and Maximum odds for Laying are calculated for you according to your profit requirements, and can be used for placing price orders on the exchange, as the odds match Betfair’s ladder of odds.

Select race using tabs and arrows at bottom of module.

Change odds by clicking once in the left column and over-writing the odds (decimal format including stake), then Enter or use Up and Down arrows on your keyboard. The calculated True odds (100% book) and value odds (Minimum odds for Backing and Maximum odds for Laying) will automatically update.

Set your desired profit margin percentages for backing and laying – defaults are 50% margin. Enter 20 for 20%, enter 100 for 100% etc

Set your desired total Stakes for the race and the variable stakes (VarStake) will be automatically calculated, based on the True price. If your Back profit margin is set at 50% and your Stakes amount is £100, your payout on a winner will be £150, based on the calculated VarStake and the calculated BackMin price.

Take a non-runner out of the market by selecting NR in the drop down box, next to the horse’s odds, in the NR column (or simply type NR and Enter). The calculated true odds, value odds and variable stakes for all other runners will automatically update. Extremely useful if there is a late withdrawal just before the off. If you need to put the horse back into the market, use the OK selection in the drop-down box (or type OK and Enter).

We have just introduced the MktPrice column, where you can enter the current exchange or bookie market price and see the value % compared to the true calculated price, instantly identifying potential trades where your profit margin requirement is met (highlighting colour will change to blue for back and pink for lay).

Data can be copied out by selecting any block of data, then Ctrl+c to copy. Refreshing the web page will reset everything back to our pre-loaded odds and no data will be saved. So copy out anything you need to a spreadsheet or text editor.

Feedback and suggestions for improvement would be greatly appreciated. Email :

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